Study Guides

For study guides, I put a couple exercises for each topic on a Google Slide and give students commenting privileges. They spend the period on their laptops/devices choosing what exercises they want to do and then they are to comment their solutions with explanation. I highly encourage my students to have mathematical conversations in the comments section.

I used to do review sessions where I would do some problems on the board that students needed assistance on, but I realized that I wasn’t reaching all my students. I needed to think of a way to have students practice problems that they individually needed help on. Then I realized putting exercises on Google Slides would help with that.

I think there are 3 major benefits to this: 1. Students can work remotely while helping each other out 2. Students can also see other students’ solutions to verify if their solution is correct 3. This frees up my time so I can go around the room helping individuals. The drawback to using Google Slides however, is that not everyone has internet access at home.

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