10/8/18: Monday Motivation – Elissa Miller

Every Monday, I will highlight someone who has motivated me to become a better educator and this week goes to Elissa Miller!

I listened to Elissa’s Global Math Project talk and I loved her idea of “Two Nice Things.” If you are unfamiliar with it, the rule is, whenever you say something negative to another person, you have to immediately follow it up with saying two nice things about that person.

What struck me was when she said that this rule pertains to yourself as well. If you say something bad about yourself, you have to say two nice things about yourself too and I love that. I have problems with self worth and doing this for the past week outside of the classroom made me happier with who I am.

I told all of my students this idea, so Elissa, you’re popular to all 180 of my students, and I hope that they will bring your idea to their classrooms.

Above all else, it is important for students to see that they are valuable, and Elissa is doing a great job providing an environment for her students to see that for themselves. I intend to focus more on this idea this semester. Thank you for being my motivation Elissa!

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