9/24/18: Monday Motivation – Christopher Danielson

Every Monday, I will highlight someone who motivates me to become a better educator and this week goes to Christopher Danielson!

I’ve only known Chris online but he is an integral part of my Twitter community.

I *think* my first interaction with him was in this tweet: https://twitter.com/Trianglemancsd/status/927233326997561344


He is an expert in math, but he doesn’t make others feel intimidated. I’m trying hard to follow Max Ray-Riek’s idea of “listening to” rather than “listening for” and I can totally see that Christopher does this, as seen in this example:

I love that he has Math on a Stick to show the general public how fun math can be. A lot of math educators do a good job showing how math is fun within the classroom, but I love how Christopher extends that to everyone.

Lastly, I love that he supports the LGBT community. I posted my “Just married” photo a couple months ago, mentioned that I always lose followers whenever I mention being gay, and he says:  

I know it’s 2018, but I am still amazed at all the people who support our community. Thank you Christopher. I don’t take your support for granted.

Christopher is a wonderful educator and human being. I strongly believe that the way you live your life is a vote for what you want society to look like, and the world would be a better place if we had more Christophers. Thank you for enriching my Twitter experience and I cannot wait to finally see you in 2 weeks!

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