9/18/18: The People I met at Math Unleashed

Rather than a Monday Motivation, I’m going to highlight the great people I met at Math Unleashed this past Saturday:

(Pre-conference dinner including Carole Pryor, Casey McCormick, Chrissy Newell, Devin Rossiter, Heidi, Kathy Henderson, Allison Krasnow, and Sarah Galasso)

Chrissy Newell

Though she didn’t go to Math Unleashed, it was awesome that she was coincidentally in Sacramento when we were. I sat next to her at the dinner and I loved how the conversations just felt like we’ve been friends forever. I’ll always admire how knowledgeable she is with math ed and I’m excited that I get to see her a couple more times this semester.

Kathy, Casey, and Allison


I’ve met Casey before, but I’ve been waiting a while to see Kathy and Allison. Looking around at the dinner the night before the conference, I was on the verge of being teary-eyed because I’ve finally met them. I will never not be amazed at the relationships built with someone that we haven’t met in person. They are all super kind and I cannot wait to see them next month at Taste of TMC NorCal (which you should go to, too).

Devin Rossiter (pictured at the dinner)

Devin drove all the way from Bakersfield for this! Such commitment. At the dinner, he said that he wants to present in as many conferences as he can and that takes the courage that I’m still learning to build. From starting with Sports Broadcasting, I’m glad he made his way to the math field. We really need him and his ideas.

Sarah (pictured at the dinner)

Sarah is doing great things with Carnegie Learning, traveling all around California and Nevada giving PD. She is super approachable and kind and I’m sure I’ll see her at a conference soon.

Heidi (pictured at the dinner)

Heidi was SUCH a fun person to hang out with. The night before, she said she would come to my session even though we just met. After the session, she even nudged Carole to make me the keynote next year (jokingly of course). Thanks for being my cheerleader for the weekend!


Demetrius came up to me towards the end of the day to shake my hand saying that he follows me and I wish he did so earlier! I talked to him later and he has wonderful ideas and passions, such as wanting to use tech to make teaching easier. I hope I get to see him at another conference.


This was the first time I ever talked to Fawn in person and it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time. She is one of those people that can talk for 3 hours and I would not get bored. I loved the math problems she gave us, including the 25 mice race, Conway tangles, and the host/handshake problem. She deserves the world and I am so honored to have her as a friend.

Ed Campos Jr.

Ed is a treat to watch. Hilarious and loves to give shout outs to other educators. I met him before very briefly at CMC Central but this was the first time I watched him present. If you haven’t yet, you absolutely need to.

Carole Pryor (pictured at the dinner)

Carole, thank you for letting me present at your conference. It was my very first conference talk so Math Unleashed will have a special place in my heart. The entire time, you were all smiles and warm-hearted. The people you work with are so lucky to have you.

Debbie Hurtado (not pictured 🙁 )

Debbie came up to me at the very end of the conference to say hi to me and I wish she did sooner. I hope to see her at another conference soon so we could have a more proper chat!

People at my session

I remember most but unfortunately not all of their names (Nicole, Colby, Syndi, Herman, Heidi, Andrea, Katie, Fawn,…), but I was so grateful that they all had a good time during the presentation, especially since I had a dream a couple nights prior where a guy said “yeah…you shouldn’t be presenting.” I saw Heidi’s friend Andrea write “Great energy!” on her notebook just minutes in and that made my day. From someone who has pretty low self-esteem, it’s unreal that people would use my ideas, so thank you for validating that my ideas *are* good and that other teachers will implement them in their classroom.

Aside from the travel, Math Unleashed was a great experience. This is my first of 6 conferences that I’ll be attending this Fall and if this was any indication of how the others will turn out, it’s going to be a great semester.

Thanks for reading.

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