9/3/18: Monday Motivation – Sarah Carter

Every Monday, I’m going to highlight someone who has motivated me to become a better educator and this week goes to Sarah Carter.

I have my students create an educational Twitter and though they are future elementary school teachers, I still have them follow Sarah because she is the epitome of what I like about EduTwitter. She shares SO MUCH and all her materials are FREE. Every semester, I use her Zukei puzzles and let me tell you, students are so engaged when they do them. I am not alone too, when I posted an appreciation tweet, there were so many so related:

I also love that she highlights what happens on Twitter in her Monday Must Reads. My heart fell out of my chest when I got mentioned one time. To be honest, because she follows so many people (she follows all of her followers back!!), I’m always shocked when Sarah likes one of my tweets, like “oh my goodness she noticed me.”

Sarah, you deserve everything you want. You are positively affecting math education around the WORLD and that is something that I hope to achieve one day. Thank you for being my motivation.

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