8/27/18: Monday Motivation – Kent Haines

Every Monday, I am going to highlight an educator who has motivated me to become a better teacher and this week goes to Kent Haines.

I absolutely love how he emphasizes math games for children. This semester, I’m focusing more on making math playful, so not necessarily games, but at least to make students curious and have fun while doing math. Check out his YouTube Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OitL1ZI0azo and sign up for his weekly newsletters (they are great!) here: https://www.gamesforyoungminds.com/.

We also correspond every Friday just to check up on each other. He needed someone to hold him accountable for making positive phone calls home and I needed someone to hold me accountable for making at least 2 blog posts every week. I love that he is making positive phone calls home.

Lastly, I love that he is interested in equity. I respect anyone working to make the math class more equitable.

I don’t know why he went from being a comedian to being a teacher, but I am glad he did. He has so many creative ideas and his mind and heart are in the right place. I’m jealous of his students. “You get to see Mr. Haines 5 times a week?? Jealous.”

Thanks for being my motivation Kent, and I hope we get to see each other at TMC19!

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