8/20/18: Monday Motivation – Doug Robertson

Every Monday I’m going to highlight an educator that motivates me and this week’s Monday Motivation goes to Doug Robertson!

How we met:

We were going to Oregon for our honeymoon, and I saw that Doug lives in Oregon so I decided to be brave and ask him if we could meet up, so I can at least give him a handshake. I was basically a stranger to him, but he agreed to meet up and we had dinner with him, his wife, and his kids. It was a wonderful time and his family is amazing.

How he motivates me:

Doug motivates me in several ways…

  1. He’s willing to meet educators he doesn’t know.
  2. His book “He’s the Weird Teacher” is amazing and you should get it. He writes in a way that his personality shines through.
  3. Towards the end of that book, he mentioned that he hopes to inspire educators around the world and 5 years later, here he is doing it, and I hope to have that type of impact one day.
  4. He’s not afraid to call out people, mostly thought leaders.
  5. He challenges the image of what a teacher looks like (himself, and bringing in guest speakers like tattoo artists into his classroom).

I think I could list a lot more reasons but I think a lot of them can be found and understood if you read his book “He’s the Weird Teacher.”  Go do it.

Thanks for motivating me Doug!

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