8/13/18: Monday Motivation – Chrissy Newell

Every Monday, I am going to highlight one educator that motivates me to become a better educator and this week’s Monday Motivation goes to Chrissy Newell!

How We Met

Not only is she my twin (both born on August 10), she was the first breakout presenter (along with Jamie Garner) that I’ve seen, which was at CMC Central 2017. We saw each other only two more times after that: once at CMC South 2017 briefly at the affiliate luncheon, though we didn’t talk much because she was on the opposite side of the table and her talk was directly afterward, and once again a couple weeks ago in Turlock just for a hang out session.


I only realized after the fact that our hang out in Turlock was the first time we actually REALLY talked in person, but what I love about Chrissy was that the conversations felt effortless, as if we’ve hung out for a while. Lots of laughs were made, and she was nice enough to pay for my meal.

How She Motivates Me

Chrissy motivates me to do more presentations. She never told me to do more presentations but she does lead by example by speaking at so many conferences. She also motivates me to just be approachable. Act like you’ve been hanging out with the other person for a while. Content wise, she is SUPER knowledgeable. She makes me motivated to do numberless graphs, co-crafting questions with students, and realizing that we need to not just do Number Talks, but also gather data on Number Talks as well to drive instruction.

Thanks for motivating me to become a better educator, Chrissy!

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