7/23/18: Monday Motivation – Julie Reulbach

Every Monday, I am going to highlight an educator who inspires me to be a better educator and this week goes to Julie Reulbach!

After seeing all the tweets from TMC18, I have to give Julie Reulbach my Monday Motivation for the week. To be completely honest, before TMC, I had no idea how impactful she would be to me, but now I think so highly of her and I am so glad that she is in my PLN.

Here are just some reasons why she is my Monday Motivation:

Reason 1: I absolutely LOVE her positive attitude, and I cannot get over her entrance running through a #MTBoS sign with pompoms.

(Screenshot from Jodi Bailey’s video)

Reason 2. I struggled with the Desmos Challenge and she tweeted this:

(I want to print and frame this)

And when I finally finished the challenge, she and Sean Sweeney took a selfie for me.

Reason 3: Though I wasn’t at TMC, seeing that she gave everyone these stickers meant a lot. In this society, it is so easy to tear each other down. We need to build each other up, and she did just exactly that.

(Pic taken from Stephanie Minor)

Reason 4: It was completely unexpected that I would be brought up during her keynote, and as self-conscious as I am, something as small as screenshotting a couple tweets made me feel like my words matter, and that means a lot to me.

(Pics taken from Chris Luzniak)

So Julie, you motivated me by wanting to become a cheerleader for my students and for the math ed community. You showed me that little nudges go a long way and now I in turn, will try to be more positive and be aware that the little things matter. 

Thank you Julie.  You absolutely deserve the world. I really hope I get to see you next year at TMC19. Keep doing what you’re doing.

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