7/16/18: Monday Motivation: Berkeley Everett

Every Monday, I’m going to highlight one educator that has motivated me to become a better educator and my second Monday Motivation goes to…Berkeley Everett!

(This pic is a placeholder until we meet!)

For anyone who follows Berkeley, you know of his contributions to the math world. He does amazing math visuals particularly for K-2 that one can’t help but admire. What I love about him is that he is completely open to feedback on his visuals as well. He, to me though, is much more than someone who creates math visuals.

Several months ago when I tweeted about my mental health, Berkeley was the only one who messaged me asking if I was okay and really opened up, showing me that not only can we get good ideas from each other on Twitter, but that we really are a community and that we care for one another. We had a long chat and at the end, he reiterated that he will always be open ears whenever I need help. He was the first person on Twitter that I didn’t know in person to exhibit this act of reaching out and it wasn’t until this act that I realized how special the educational Twitter community is. He absolutely went above and beyond what he needed to do, and something as simple as just starting a DM went a long way. For some, it may seem small, but I will remember it always. It’s in these small acts of kindness that builds our community.

I strongly believe that the way we live our lives is a vote for what we want the world to look like, and if we had more Berkeley Everetts in the world, we’d live in a nicer place.

Thanks for being a friend Berkeley and I can’t wait to see you in October.

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