11/26/17: Why am I a Teacher?

Welcome to my first blog post! Because this is a teacher blog, I might as well state why I wanted to teach. What’s my purpose?

In short, I decided to become a math teacher early in my college career because after seeing that the United States struggles as a nation in their mathematical abilities, I thought that this is the occupation where I would impact society the most.

Growing up, I really liked math. I’ve had the same math teacher all 4 years of high school (Mr. Trejo) and he just made math fun. Though my love of math stayed strong all my life, my thoughts for math drastically changed throughout the years. In K-12, math was a competition. I wanted to be the fastest and I wanted to have the highest scores. In college, math turned pretty dry, where I told myself that to be good in math, you just need to know three things: formulas, theorems, and definitions. That’s it. Just memorize those and you’re good. NOW, after a couple years of teaching and with the help of Diana Herrington, my co-teacher of 2 years, I realize that math is creative, math is exploratory, math is everywhere.

So even though I have loved math my whole life, the progression of what math meant/means to me is fascinating.

I hope to shift the mindsets of future elementary school teachers and show them that math is not just for the people who are good at memorizing. Math is for everyone. Like Jo Boaler states, everyone can achieve math at the highest level, and I hope I can lead my students there.

2 thoughts on “11/26/17: Why am I a Teacher?

  1. Danae Boyce

    I’m so glad you are blogging. You are a big inspiration to me. I look back at those GATE tests and remember them boring note about patterns and relationships. Math turned ugly after that for me. When it was reduced to memorization, I lost all interest. You showed me that the wonder and the fun was still there if I looked for it. You inspired me to persevere and think deeper instead of shying away from difficult problems. You’ve taught me that formulas actually have a purpose. Thank you, Howie.


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