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6/24/18: CSU Chancellor’s Executive Order

As you may know, Chancellor Timothy White created an executive order that prevents all CSUs from having remedial classes with the reason being that students should not have to pay tuition for courses that do not count towards their degree. Instead, for students who do need remediation based off a holistic measure, they will need to take the general ed math course appropriate for their major along with a support class. Read more about it here:

Here is a little roadmap example for what Fresno State used to do:

Fall 2018 Spring 2019 Fall 2019
Students who do not need remediation GE Math
Students who need remediation but scored close to passing in their Entry-level Math Exam Math 4R (Intermediate Algebra) GE Math
Students who need remediation and scored low in their Entry-level Math Exam Math 1RA (Intermediate Algebra Part 1) Math 1RB (Intermediate Algebra Part 2) GE Math

Now, all students have the opportunity to take GE Math in their first semester, but for students who do not meet the holistic measure, they will need to take their GE Math with a support class but can still finish their GE math course in one semester.

My opinion:

Though this sounds good in theory, keeping in mind the students’ time and tuition, it is incredibly scary that colleges cannot teach remedial courses because of the Chancellor’s thought that “Rigorous high school preparatory experiences in general education written communication and mathematics/quantitative reasoning prepare prospective CSU students for academic success.” From experience, some students need the foundational background necessary to be successful in higher courses and we would be doing a disservice if we think it can all be done in one semester. Rather than splitting up 3 hours a week in the Fall and 3 hours in the Spring, we are putting 5-6 hours a week of math in one semester.

I do admit that everyone does NOT need intermediate algebra skills. The general population will not care if students don’t know how to divide polynomial expressions. What the general population needs is number sense, and unfortunately there isn’t a course for that here, so if I were to change something, I would still have students take a number sense class as their remedial class.

Additionally, graduate students who used to be able to teach their own classes will not have that experience anymore because all graduate students will need to teach these support classes, which is more of a recitation/workshop class than anything. When I was a graduate student, I was grateful for having the opportunity to teach my own classes and that definitely prepared me for job interviews and my current job.

I’m optimistic that this provides a more equitable education by giving students support classes (if they need it) on classes that they are required to take (and at least for my case, important for their major), but we will see what happens. Either way, it is out of our hands so let’s do the best we can with it.

6/20/18: 2018 Graduation (with pics!)

I went to the Kremen School of Education Convocation to see past students graduating and I counted 116 former students of mine graduating! I cannot believe that 116 students this year alone will move on to credential programs and then move on to teaching.

Whether they use an ounce of what I taught them or not, I am extremely proud of them for making it this far and influencing the future generation. Here are just a few of my students:

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6/7/18: Wedding Photos

Here are some of the photos taken at our wedding!


I thought of making this sign 2 days before the wedding and I’m so glad I did. (w/ Aunt Lynn and Uncle Dave)34309134_10213778464749262_2256302103347593216_n

Great candid from Alex Scheidt34321032_10212118681906681_2489112171426873344_o

My wonderful cousin Tiffany. She’s graduating from UCLA next week with honors in Psychology and accepted a lab manager position at Harvard!34344303_10213778467389328_6894551721406627840_n

Another great photo from Alex Scheidt.34346960_10213778465189273_5251057604846682112_n

Another one from Alex Scheidt.34368457_10101434646733551_2381658244369088512_n

A picture with my sister Cindy.34368878_1526537837473466_4692641178384859136_o

I love this photo from Tess Schmeling.34418473_10212118682026684_6030631290473021440_o

My Aunt Ying and Uncle Tom.34507548_10212118687266815_4930548084154302464_o

Most of my cousins from my mom’s side! Love them!34536743_10156212981480170_4436513449387753472_o

My dad’s side of the family.34552695_1526537010806882_7606418245498699776_o

It was an emotional time.34583763_1526343294159587_5835868357689081856_o

Walking into the ceremony.IMG_0071



Selfie with Alice Keeler and Jennifer Elder.IMG_0076

So for our guestbook, I decided to do a “Remember When…” where I would paste pictures of us with our guests and they would share some fun memories with us.IMG_0101

Jim’s sister Hailey right after our ceremony.IMG_0109

Welcome to my wedding, AKA the event where Howie cries for 5 hours straight.IMG_0171

My UK friends came to witness our wedding!IMG_0185

My very close marching band friends Aaron and Katelyn.IMG_0190

Betsy and Cecilia are some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet.IMG_0196

I had disposable cameras at every table and we tried to take a selfie with one.IMG_0231

These are my far travelers. Three came from Buffalo, NY, one came from Boston, two came from England, and one came from Australia.IMG_0241

We shared our stories of how we met.IMG_0309

Sharing a piece of cake.IMG_0334

We played the Name Game, where we would raise the name of who fit the description the best (ex: Who is more stubborn?)IMG_0338

I forgot what question this was but I love this photo.IMG_0344

We also played the hand game where I was blindfolded and I had to guess which one is Jim’s hand (and vice versa).

Overall, it was a lovely day. This is probably the only day where all my favorite people will be in one spot so that alone made me extremely happy. It made me happy to see so much support at the wedding and on social media because even 10 years ago, I don’t think the support would have been this overwhelming.

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Love is love.