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4/27/18: Oh Registration Week…

Registration week made me nervous as a student and it makes me nervous as an instructor. I am aware that a single instructor can make you fall in love with a subject or make you hate it. For example, I loved my Earth and Environmental Science instructor. His class motivated me to become a Geology minor. On the other hand, I had a math instructor who had a 30% pass rate and it made me feel like I’m on survival mode the entire semester.

Growing up self-conscious, I feel really humbled that students want to be in my class and it breaks my heart getting a dozen or so emails asking to be in my class after the class closed because if someone believes in me, I want to help them out, but there is such a thing as room capacity so unfortunately I cannot accept everyone.

This is why I want to post more lessons on my website or glimpses of what we are doing on Twitter so I can give people who are not in my classes access to the activities that I do in my class. Unfortunately, students need to be lucky to get the instructors that they want. We should have the top instructors of the field so there doesn’t need to be any “luck” that they get one instructor. Students are paying thousands of dollars for an education and they deserve the best education possible, and I hope that I’m at least doing a decent job at it.

I don’t have a strong solution to this, but one thing that could help is mandatory professional development for college instructors. Just because they have grad degrees doesn’t mean that they are automatically fit for teaching. Some instructors know nothing more than lectures and we are doing a disservice to our students and our own personal growth if we don’t expand our mind in different ways of teaching.


Thank you for reading.